Condo Owner

Well, I am on my way to becoming a first time home buyer, and I have to say the process has been full of ups and downs. I finally found a condo I like, it is in Hopkins. I had no problem getting approved, I just have to wait for the appraiser to value it. President Obama, has given me the opportunity to buy a home. I love that man!!!!

I have attached pics.

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Rebecca K Hanlin, PHR

Well I did it, I passed the Professional in Human Rersources certification exam!! I am so excited, I am drunk with happiness!!!

I went in this morning and finished 2 hours and 15 minutes later. The say the test takes 4 hours. It is 225 questions and to expect each to take about 1 minute.

I studied all weekend, literally all weekend.

I was done answering everything in 1 hour and 45 minutes, took a break then started to review. However, by the time I got to question 60 I had changed 4 answers. Then I started to second guess myself. So I hit submit.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You will not be able to return and change or review your answers."

I hit yes.

"By selecting yes, you will not be able to return and change or review your answers."

I hit I accept.

I waited with my eyes closed for what seemed like forever. I peeked and still a blank screen. I peek once again and the screen is still blank. I peek a third time and it says "Please complete the following survey on your testing experience."


So I stubbornly answer their additional 22 survey questions then click submit. "Thank you we are processing your preliminary results."

Finally the magic screen appears.

There is so much writing I could noting find the result, but finally I see the word "CONGRATULATIONS," I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Thankfully I did neither. Instead I got up and signed out asked the lady if the computer has ever been wrong. She said no one has ever come back. I have 5 years to get 2 years of HR experience in an exempt position, then I get to actually use the title, however taking this to an employer who I am interviewing with will increase my odds of getting the job and increase the pay substantially.

I immediately went to my car and called Tyler thereby breaking his ear drum with my glass break scream of "I PASSED!! OMG I PASSED!!!!!"

I was done early enough that I even was able to go work a full 8 hours today!

Thanks to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to do this. It was the hardest test I have ever studied for, but I is totally worth it. I love you all and look forward to seeing everyone now that school and the test is done I can officially have a life again.

What do people do now a days? I think I shall be quite bored. LOL, ok, not so much I have to tv and movies to catch up on and starting back to the gym.

To this weekend and partying like rock stars and the 10th year of CON!!!!


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Jayne Dumb Ass

I passed!!!


I passed my certification. It is a four hour test that I completed in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I am so happy thanks for everyones good thoughts.

I get there and check in and they give me my locker key. I am locker number 13!!! I thought did they tell you I was a witch!! LOL it was great!!!

Again, thanks a bunch everyone!!
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It was so great. Now I know I was not a comic reader, but I must admit I have enjoyed all the movies. However, I can honestly say I enjoyed Iron Man more than any of them. We went tonight at 8:45 with Nissa and Darek. It was a last minute thing. i saw it was playing, so I called Ty up and said lets go. So we did, and it was awesome!!! I must see, a couple times and a must own! Did I mention Robert Downey Jr is HOT!!!!!!!!! Iron suit or no Iron suit!!!
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Jayne Dumb Ass

Road to recovery

I made my first trek outside this morning with Tyler. I needed to get different ice packs and other very much-needed items. I should have listened to Tyler and not have gone out. What seemed to be a simple trip merely miles away ended up feeling as though I had ran a marathon. Adding insult to injury, the noble Tyler trying to very hard to avoid bumps and potholes hits the biggest one, just as we were parking in front of my apartment.

I find myself craving Jamba Juice, and more solids. Today’s goal is to try to incorporate a few solids, toast, Mac & Cheese, ect…..
Yesterday’s accomplishment was getting up from the sofa with out assistance, today’s accomplishment, getting out of bed without assistance. YAY!!!!!!

Ty is off with his relative now, I am watching becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway, struggling to not fall asleep, realizing this is a losing battle. Not because the movie is dull, only because the clouded haze of percocet is blanketing me with a sleep filled wonder I have not know before.

Dear friends will be coming over tonight and tomorrow to check on me. Each day I seem to hurt a bit less. Tomorrow I get to shower, this makes me happy like a lark at the break of day.

Until later
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Post Surgery

The surgery was successful. They were able to remove my gall bladder laparoscopically.
I am a bit sore, feel like someone hit me with a baseball bat.

I will write more later, when I am not falling asleep in between each word.

Thank for all your well wishes and good thoughts!
It means a lot to me.

Paranoid Stewie

Last supper

Went to bed last night at midnight. I set an alarm to go off at 3:30. Tyler made me mac & cheese. I also drank protein drink and some water. I was officially done with my last supper at 4:15, leaving at least 8 hours before I go under the knife. Ok, know I am going back to bed. I have to admit waking up and eating in the middle of the night is really odd, I am nervous today, but I now it will be fine. More than anything it is the fear of it being converted to an open surgery and having to stay in the hospital. I will post more when I can. :)

Good night and Good luck.
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Gall Bladders suck ass!

Well, I just woke up. Last night I went to bed at midnight, woke up at 1:30 am. I put up with the pain until I couldn't any more. So off to North Memorial Medical Center we flew. Drove actually, Tyler really did the driving, I did the moaning, groaning and complaining about the public infrastructure which does not provide money to our crappy roads. Every bump, crack and huge hole caused me to scream out in pain.

Once we got there, I had the honor of waiting for a bed for 45 freaking minutes. I thought maybe they were planning on having me just wait until Monday then take me back to do the surgery. FRICK!!

Once I got taken back the very nice doctor gave me MORPHINE!!! I love MORPHINE!! It made the pain go away. The doctor came back asked how my pain was, it went from a 10 to a 1 maybe 2. He thinks it was just a really bad attack. He says if it was to come out right then it would mostly be an open surgery, because it is inflamed. He gave me the option of going home and if the pain comes back to come back, at which point they would take the gall bladder immediately. He said if the pain would have still been there once the morphine kicked in he would have suggested surgery immediately.

He told me I was a great patient, even though I was in pain I was still upbeat and pleasant. He said it is refreshing.

So now I am home, I have a script for vicodin and an anti-vomiting med. He advised me to take the anti-vomiting med at the on set of an attack, then the vicodin 20 minutes later.

Hopefully we will be able to put the surgery off until Monday, I I don't want to miss seeing Bob Saget after all. However, if the pain comes back, Bob can kiss my ass, I will be in the OR getting my Gall Bladder removed.

I will continue to fill folks in as I know more.

Thanks everyone for putting up with my drug induced rant. LOL Did I mention morphine is good?
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